Monday, 22 March 2021

How To Decide Whether To Renew Your Lease Or Look For New Home

The lease term is about to get expired and you are in dilemma whether to renew it or look for new house. If you are moving to a new city then there is no option such as renewal but if not then you should ask these 12 questions before you renew your current lease.

Let’s see what are those questions through this Packers and Movers in Patna guide.

Is your landlord supportive and credible:

Does your landlord response to your mail, call or text? are they supportive when need something like you called then for pluming issue then do they handle the issue well and on time? These are some of the questions you ask yourself before you sign on renewal lease if you find most of your answers in No, then look for new home. Another reason is your landlord doesn’t mind knocking your door without any prior notice and he visit more often, this is simply Annoying and breach your privacy.

It's within the budget:

Your landlord hike price every year and looking at your current budget, it seems not right to invest this much of amount every month. Your home rental eat all the salary and when you think for going for vacation or eating out you have to start saving for months. Packers and Movers Patna do the survey of your home before the #move so to know the correct price and what things are required for making it successful.

Moving brings more expenditure:

If you decide to move to a new home, you will have to handle the moving cost. You have to buy moving boxes, packing material, transportation and labour assistance. Even a DIY move can cost you a lot, whether DIY or with the help of Movers #moving involve outflow cash, and if you are moving long distance then surely cost will be high overall decide is moving is in your budget.

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Do you have another place in mind:

Before you break the lease, make sure you have some place in mind it may be joining your friend's flat or finding new home, make sure you are all prepared you know the house, you know the neighbourhood, it's falling in your budget and the landlord is good. Local Packers and Movers in Patna provide moving insurance too.

Do you want to share your house:

Roommate can make or break your second home peace if your roommate is annoying, your thoughts never match, then thinking for changing your home at the end of the lease is a good option but before you find new home make sure you met the roommate and you think you two can twin well.

Inform your roommate:

While it's our right to leave the rental unit but informing your roommate prior you move is important otherwise he have to handle the whole expenses on his own until he/she finds a new roommate. It can be heavy for them too and also they wanna Change they can change too and can look for better option within a plenty of time, so don't forget to inform your roommate within a enough time.

Is your neighbourhood is safe:

How do you feel walking at night? Do you feel safe, your apartment has experienced break inns in the past. Is the crime rate in that area is high? If you feel unsafe in the neighbourhood then changing to a new home is a good option.

Problem with parking:

On a daily basis you find trouble parking your car, or when you can park it’s very expensive. If face this everyday then it's an excuse to not renew your lease and look for a new home. #Packers and #Movers in #Patna are experienced and affordable Movers.

Your landlord is raising the rent:

The home where you currently residing doesn't match the prevailing market price on that area it's a bit high or the amount your landlord is raising doesn’t match. Also without valid reason he is raising the rent or it's written on the lease to hike the price every year and the percentage is not slight but high then you should look for a new home.

It's that worthy:

The price you are currently paying is that worth the home condition if no then looking for better option is more viable option, now you have widen your budget and so your need so look for a new home.

Will leaving is a good option:

As we have mentioned before relocating involve time, efforts and money and the new option worth it all, you know the area well as your friend or relative live there, you know the landlord well and you are sure the new home is far better than current one then moving to a new home will be a good option to go for.

Thus this fits your need.

While signing the lease it meets all your need the workplace is not far, you can easily get the transportation but now the scenario is changed you changed to a new job and it's far from your new home and the #cost #transportation is high due to the distance.

Read #LocalPackersandMoversPatna guide and know what type of neighbour you should look for and avoiding while selecting a new home.